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Comparative RNAseq Transcriptomics between Porphyromonas gingivalis strains W83 and ATCC33277

1.RNAseq Reads of strain W83 that are not found in the genome of ATCC33277 (orange profile)

Profile Navigation Guide:

There are five different ways for nagivation:
1.Panning the profile by left-click the mouse and dragging inside the profile panel.
2.Panning by pressing down LEFT or RIGHT arrow keys.
3.Go to a specific location in the genome by typing in genome coordination (bp), range must be bewteen 1 and 2343476.
4.Go to a locus of the genome by clicking on the green genome bar (position will be reflected in the position field when mouse-over the bar)
5.Go to the left end of a specific gene by gene ID. Currently only NCBI gene ID (e.g., PG0123) can be searched.
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